Clean, reliable water flow for your livestock, horses, pets and barn even in EXTREME cold!

Available in 12', 25', 50' and 100' lengths! Choose the hose that fits your needs best:

For the love of a Horse!

PIRIT Heated Hoses were conceived and invented by our founder to help water his horses out to pasture during cold Vermont Winters. After years of lugging buckets in the cold day-after-day, it was time for a change and the PIRIT Heated Hose was born! Tested to -42 Degrees Fahrenheit without adding insulation and made with NSF-61 water-purity certified materials, we continue to make improvements that make our hoses more durable and dependable each Winter.


Tip 1

Frost-free spigots are only frost-free if you disconnect the hose! If you plan to set-up your PIRIT Heated Hose to provide water 24/7 with a frost-free or ground-fed outdoor spigot, make sure to protect your exposed metal with Wrap-On pipe heat cable and fiberglass insulation. Proper heat and insulation around the piping will keep your entire water system flowing. If you disconnect the hose each time its not in use, try tip #2 to make it easier!

Tip 2

If you use multiple spigots around your property or don't have consistent power available in-between waterings, get lead-free quick-connects! Regularly threading and unthreading every time you relocate the hose or turn off the power supply can cause long term wear-and-tear that damages your hose and spigot nozzles. Quick-Connect Nozzle Couplings make disconnecting and reconnecting your PIRIT Heated Hose fast and easy in the cold and only require threading the nozzle once per season.

Tip 3

Keep your Thermostat out in the cold! If you are using your PIRIT Heated Hose in conjunction with a stock tank de-icer, heated waterer or heated bucket and the thermostat is placed into the warmer water or near the heat from those other devices, the PIRIT Heated Hose won't know how cold it truly is outside and may try to turn itself off. Keep your hose heating by making sure your thermostatic control is exposed to the cold and as far away from any other heat source as possible.