Clean, safe and reliable water for your RV, Camper or Mobile Home even in EXTREME Colds

Available in 12', 25', 50' and 100' lengths! Choose the hose that fits your needs best:

RV Life With a
PIRIT Heated Hose

Based in the Green Mountains of Vermont, we are no strangers to the cold and snow! PIRIT Heated Hoses are built to get you through the coldest days & nights of the year. Our goal is to make our products stronger, safer and more dependable with each Winter that passes. Tested to -42 Degrees Fahrenheit without adding insulation and made with NSF-61 water-purity certified materials, we continue to improve on our design every year.

How to get the MOST from your PIRIT Heated Hose

Tip 1

Protect your metal! Our hoses are built to handle the cold and don't require any insulation (above -42F!) however any exposed metal or hard plastic fittings, fixtures and spigots need their own protection. Be sure to insulate all of your connections and if you have a long or large spigot, you may need to properly install a short length of Wrap-On pipe heat cable with fiberglass insulation around the piping to keep your entire water system flowing.

Tip 2

If you're an RV'er on-the-go, get lead-free quick-connects! Stressing your city water connection portal in the cold by regularly threading and unthreading a hose every time you relocate causes long term wear-and-tear. Quick-Connect Nozzle Couplings make disconnecting and reconnecting your PIRIT Heated Hose fast and easy in the cold and only require threading the nozzle into your vehicle once per season.

Tip 3

Keep your PIRIT Heated Hose clean! Just like your dishes, your water hose should be washed to keep germs and bacteria out of your pipes. Before installing for the season, place a few drops of liquid dish soap into the female (source) nozzle of your hose, attach it to your spigot only and run water through the hose until you no longer see any suds coming out the other end. repeat this 1 or 2 times and your hose should be clean and ready to connect to your RV!