Auto-Rewind Hose Reel

Compact, Retractable Garden Hose Reel

New! Compact hose storage for warm weather use Auto, Farm & Garden. The auto-rewind reel with 50' hose pre-loaded. An ultraviolet-proof outer cap protects your hose from sun and weather damage year-round. Easy to use in all directions with the included 180º swivel bracket mount. $139.95


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Features & Benefits

  • Ultraviolet-proof outer cap protects hose from long-term sun damage.
  • 180º swivel bracket mount for ease of use in all directions.
  • Auto-rewind made from self lubricating materials to ensure smooth rewind.
  • Includes a 50-foot high-quality PVC hose, pre-installed.
  • One year limited warranty.

Technical Specifications

IMPORTANT: This hose is for normal farm and garden use and light commercial use only.

(5/8" inner diameter of hose)

Care and Use

  • Screw the female end of the 5-foot source hose onto your faucet or spigot. Make sure the washer is in place inside the female coupling.
  • Auto-rewind works best when hose is pulled slowly and locks into desired length automatically. You will hear several clicks while you pull which indicate the hose will not rewind.
  • To return the hose to the Auto-Rewind Hose Reel enclosure, give the hose a short tug of approximately 12-18 inches and it will automatically retract into the PIRIT Auto-Rewind Hose Reel.
  • Guide the hose smoothly back into the hose reel to prevent kinking.
  • DO NOT pull or tug the hose with excessive force as this may damage the fittings, rewind system or electronic components.